My child has a fever

Advise for Parents and Carers When Your Child Has a Fever


    • Look for signs of dehydration including poor urine output, dry mouth, sunken fontanelle (“soft spot”), absence of tears, sunken eyes, and poor overall appearance.

    • Offer regular fluids (if breastfeeding, continue this as normal) and encourage a higher intake if signs of dehydration develop.

    • Dress the child appropriately for their surroundings, with the aim of preventing overheating or shivering.

    • Avoid using tepid sponging (using cool water) to cool the child.

    • Check the child regularly, including during the night.

    • Keep the child away from nursery or school while the fever persists, and notify the nursery or school of the illness.

Seek medical help if:

    • Your child is getting dehydrated.
    • Your child has a fit.
    • Your child develops a non-blanching rash.
    • The fever lasts longer than 5 days.
    • Your child is becoming more unwell.

If you are getting concerned.

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