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Please see details of this opportunity and download application form from the Practice Vacancies page here


Please see details of this opportunity and download application form from the Practice Vacancies page  here


As you are aware the practice will not be carrying out you flu immunisations this year. Please do not call the practice to make flu appointments

Flu Call Centre –  0345 337 9899,    Email –

Changes to flu vaccination programme across Grampian as Winter 2020 campaign gets underway

The way the flu vaccination is delivered in Grampian is set for significant change this year, as the location for immunisation shifts from GP practices to dedicated clinics.

In 2017, the Scottish Government and the Scottish General Practitioners Committee (SGPC) agreed vaccinations would move away from a model based on GP delivery to one based on NHS Board delivery through dedicated teams.

Dr Simon Hilton, Immunisation Co-ordinator for NHS Grampian said: “The biggest change will be that individuals who previously got their free flu vaccination from their GP will now be invited to attend a local vaccination clinic instead.

This also comes at a time where we anticipate the number of flu vaccinations to increase significantly, with additional groups being offered immunisation due to COVID-19.

Clinics will be set up in a number of locations across Grampian within secondary schools and community spaces such as sports halls, churches and any other large venues that can allow for social distancing. Measures will be put in place to ensure health and safety is priority.”

The following groups will be offered the flu vaccine, free of charge:

* Children aged 2-5
* School children in Primary 1-7
* Pregnant women
* Health Care workers
* Social care workers who provide direct care
* Unpaid carers
* 55-64 year olds
* Those over 65
* Anyone with an underlying medical condition such as asthma, COPD or diabetes
* Anyone who lives with someone who is in the shielding category

Dr Hilton added: “We always give very strong encouragement to people in those groups to come forward and get their flu vaccine. We are now living with a global pandemic, making it even more important that people in the at-risk groups are immunised. Flu adapts and changes constantly. It is not just a bad cold; it is a virus which can make people seriously ill and, unfortunately, claims lives every winter.”

Vaccinations will commence across Grampian from the end of September and the practical arrangements for delivering the vaccine are as follows:

* Pregnant women will be advised by their community midwife;
* Children aged 2-5, those over 65, and anyone with an underlying medical condition will be invited to attend a local clinic at a set date and time. That invitation will come to your home address in the next few weeks;
* School children in Primary 1-7; parents will be sent information and a consent form, and children will be vaccinated at school;
* Health & social care staff will be advised by their employers;
* If you are aged 55 – 64, you will receive an appointment letter in December.

If you are an unpaid carer, or you live with someone who was advised to shield as a result of COVID-19, and you wouldn’t normally get the flu jab, then you can contact the NHS Grampian flu helpline to arrange an appointment.

If you're aged 16 years or older, and not in one of the eligible groups, you can get the vaccine in many high street pharmacies for a small fee.

To find if you are eligible or how to get your flu vaccine visit or call NHS Grampian Flu Call Centre 01224 555999.


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 The practice aims to provide high standard of care to our patients at Elgin Health Centre.

In order to respond efficiently to patient’s requests and clinical concerns, the practice advises that patients outline the nature of their query using the e-consult platform. This will enable an experienced clinician to offer a timely response that may include advice, a prescription or a telephone/ video/ face to face appointment with a member of the clinical team. This may also include an appointment for a clinical investigation prior to an appointment where appropriate.


Maryhill Practice would like to update all patients on recent organisational developments with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent takeover of Elgin Community Surgery on 1.7.21. We extend a warm welcome to our new registered patients boosting the Practice list size to approximately 23,000 making Maryhill Practice one of the largest in Grampian. 

The Practice continues its commitment to provide a high quality service to all based on clinical need. The assessment and communication with patients will continue using a range of modalities including telephone, Face 2 Face, Video, text and email, using the most appropriate in the clinical setting. 

The introduction of e Consult has been largely well received with significant uptake by many patient groups and has allowed clinical staff to make safe, efficient and effective decisions. The rise in demand for this service has also placed extra pressure on Practice staff and in order to continue our ability to target resources safely and efficiently based on clinical need, we will now implement a target response time of 2 working days for more urgent clinical problems and 5 working days for non-urgent matters. In addition, e Consult will not be available for use between 2pm Friday until 8am on Monday.  These changes are part of a more wide ranging review of eConsult we are undertaking to ensure it works well for both patients and Practice staff. 

 The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has of course contributed to an extra burden on working practices especially due to Track and Trace system  and the need for Practice staff to self-isolate after positive COVID contacts for up to 10 days. 

Please be assured that all staff are doing their very best to provide a high level service. We would continue to request that all patients be respectful of the hard work and dedication of staff members as they guide them through their presenting  health issues. 

                   Please click the link to the e-consult platform below


If you have to attend the practice for an appointment,in keeping with Scottish Government guidlines, we ask you to wear face coverings to help prevent potential spread of the Coronavirus.

If you have any of the following symptoms : A new cough, Fever, Loss of smell or taste, diarrhoea, vomiting

Do not attend the Practice

Instead stay at home , Call NHS24 on 111 for further help and support, or use the link bellow for further information.


Attend Anywhere Video Consultations



   Only do this if you have been given a video consultation appointment by a clinician.

Further information can be found here



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